About me

The dream job

I’m simply a creative child who didn’t want to grow up and, luckily, has managed to do his dream job.

A few years ago I wanted to be a landscape and wildlife photographer. Then I wanted to become a studio photographer and later, a photographer-reporter working in conflict zones. It was difficult to find my niche, so I tried my hand at almost all fields. One day I was lucky enough to photograph a friend’s wedding – I instantly realised it was what I really wanted to do.

Why?  Each wedding is unique. I work at immortalising moments of happiness. Allowing the married couple to relive the day through my photos gives me great satisfaction.

Capturing moments which can never happen again is what i love the most about my job.

Facts about me

Things normal and weird about me

  • I really am going bald, as you’ll notice
  • I speak very quickly
  • I’m right-handed
  • I like all food except from chicory
  • I (almost) only listen to old songs
  • When it’s raining I love working with the window open
  • When I was younger, I had long hair just like my idol at the time, Kurt Cobain. Try to imagine…
  • I’m a bad loser
  • Rosabaya no cream no sugar
  • I can’t control myself with a Ferrero Rocher box around

  • The evening before a wedding I always set 3 alarm clocks, one of which is on the opposite side of my room
  • I hate it when people say: ‘your camera takes beautiful photos’
  • I’ve never tried it (I promise!) but I would know how to put on a wide variety of wedding dresses
  • My friends and everyone who knows me call me a nickname
  • I’ve already watched TV series 3 times over
  • I’m allergic to pistachios (I don’t know anyone else who is, undoubtedly you aren’t either)
  • When I see someone I can’t help but notice their best profile, look at the way they blink and imagine how I could photograph them


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